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Tactical Ops

Tactical Ops Server Hosting From just 0.40€ per slot p/month

Tactical Ops

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from 0.40€ p/slot


Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror is a computer game similar to the famous Counter-Strike . Tactical Ops was originally a mod of Unreal Tournament which was later launched its retail version. TO consists of several versions , the latest version is 3.50. With over 30 original maps and many others created pro fans , the game is basically rescue hostages , plant bombs and hack opponent systems ( Special Forces and Terrorists ) and so it happens a lot of action and strategy of the players in online battles . Tactical also had an anti -cheat called ESE in the version 3.50, so that it was almost impossible happen cheating by malicious players . The online game in its Brazilian servers got much fame between 2004-2007 , occurring many championships with players often from other countries participating.

Coming soon
from 0.40€ p/slot

Main Features Know some of what you will get

Instant server setup

Automatic game servers installations

As soon as we get your payment our system will automatically begin the server installation process, emailing you all of the server information in minutes

SGM Game Panel

Speed Game Manager Panel

We offer you the most recent and simplest Game Server control panel. If you are a less experienced user this ideal for you.

DDoS Protection

No lag or downtime

Our 3-tier DDoS Protection Shield mitigates and blocks 100% of all network attacks.

FTP Access

Manage your Files

Connect through FTP to your server if you need to upload big files or simply if you prefer FTP.

99% Uptime Guarantee

No Headaches

Waac guarantees you 99% uptime. All of our game servers are under a 99.9% uptime guarantee. No more downtime!

Custom backups

Stay safe with WAAC

You can run your backups whenever you need in order to protect your server and files, so you can sleep without worries.

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